25 Replies to “Croatian National Team beats World Champions”

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    CROATIA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. all croatian are stupid and poor…their player took money frm bookie and sell the game…england 4-croatia 1…yahoooooo…slavan bilic can fuck nico kovack asshole

  4. Croatia will beat italy in any sport .. MMA , Soccer , Basketball, Boxing , Waterpolo, Handball ,Tennis , ping pong, you name it ,, italy kinda suck if you think about it?!

  5. WHat some people don’t understand is that Croatia and Italy know each other very well. They are neighbours. And what more people doesnt seem to know is that Croatia has won more than they have lost against Italy BECAUSE Italian play-style fits Croatia. So, yes, Italy is better than Croatia, but Croatia is better against Italy. The Itilians say so themselves, they preyed to god that Croatia wouldn’t go through at WC 2002 because then Italy wouldn’t have been the champs 😉

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  7. Im just being realistic! Then tell me some solid evidence based upon their history as to why Croatia would be better than Italy. Your only saiying that cuz ur Croatian. Im part Croatian too, and i always stick to the truth. Italy is the most succesful team in Europe. Even if they’re current squad are divers or whatever, u cannot rewrite history.

  8. Well yea that is true, but Eduardo came from Brazil when he was 15 in Croatia. Since then he learned Croatian and Croatia that gave him much more then Brazil. Now he have Croatian wife and certificate of nationality, and why not if wanna 2 play for national team and he is good (like he is). Any match he is giving his best and it is obviously that he is enjoying 🙂

  9. I don’t have anything against Theo Walcot, Saha or Henry. They are born in Europe so they are Europeans but Eduardo is Brazilian not Croat. He is born in Brasil. Eduardo is citizen of Croatia not Croat. Youn can’t compare France or England with Croatia. They are many African Americans in both countrys and here not many.