24 Replies to “Euro 2008 Croatia vs Turkey – Niko Kranjcar gives his view”

  1. on 11/11/11 , 11 Croatian players hammered 11 Turkish players.
    Take that you scum!!!

  2. it’s okay that’s soccer u never know what happen. the croatian show their best today they deserved it 🙂

  3. Lets agree on one thing..You are totally wrong..This match was boring for the most part, turkey made it cagey and congested, because they wanted to cut off croatia’s play. Croatia had much more of the ball and missed their opportunities. This game only came to life at the very end, with two late goals. wich made for a dramatic finish. Turkey had the momentum going into penalties, and croatia were shocked at the unlikey turn of events, of that very late equaliser by senturk.

  4. Turks are like this. We wait the last moment for everything. For example; if we have an exam at Friday, we begin to work at Thursday night =) and if we are lucky, we pass. That’s Euro2008 for us. Yumurta kapıya dayanınca yapamayacağımız şey yok. Biraz da şans olursa.

  5. My friends this is football , 90 minutes ! And in the end the scoreboard talks , thats it not more ! Turkey wins with heart and soul , they never give up . ALLAH U AKBAR

  6. bullshit turkey didnt dominate anything they got lucky and the croatians unfortunatly had a bad day at the spot!!!!

  7. Turkey played bad! Croatia was much better but Turkey fought to the end. And you had many injured players also but Croatia dominated definately. You dominated against Germany and lost it.

  8. are u fucking kidding me?? Idiot! You think people didn´t watch the game?? Turkey had one shot and scored, Croatia totally dominated!

  9. turkey had one guy.. who made a living nightmare for croatia and czek.. that was ARDA TURAN!! GOD I LOVE THAT KID !! THE SON OF GALATASARAY!!

  10. lets agree on one think.. this match was pure amazing.. it had everything on !!
    Turkey dominated the match.. we played better and with heart.. and we won !!


  11. Our motto is “the game is not finished till the referee ends the game”

  12. i am from Croatia, the lovely country and I also think that Turks are really good but i also cannot FUCKING UNDERSTAND THAT TURKS HAD BEATEN US. GODDAMMIT!
    Jebiga!(FUCK! on Croatian)