14 Replies to “Exclusive footage of Daniel Levy and Luka Modric meeting”

  1. For anybody who believes,we have freedom of speech in Britain,should seriously
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  2. Just to clarify that would be selling him for £35million+ and bringing in someone the likes of Diarra, Pjanic or Hamsik. There are very few people who are capable of filling those shoes though. Maybe Niko’s time to shine? If only he could hold onto a ball!

  3. this somewhat helped me negate the impending dread that i’m feeling about modric at the moment. thanks spooky!

    as far as i am concerned we should line up a replacement as soon as possible and cut our losses, preferably sending luka to another league. wouldn’t be happy to see him playing against us after becoming such a legend and then as good as spitting on our shirt.