23 Replies to “Jack Wilshere vs Luka Modric: Whos Stronger ?”

  1. @oliversenord Mceachran is a little stick who wont get a chance at chelsea

  2. @samm876 excuse me is ur head up your arse? u mean modric will never be half of what wilshere is! who the fuck is modric the homosexual rat who scored 3 goals and assisted 5 compared to a 19 year old who fucked up barca, scored 2 but assisted 10 and mainly carried arsenal on his own…..Arsenal4life go fuck urself

  3. Currently Modric, but give Wilshere a few years and I would be Wilshere. but who cares Mceachran will be better than both.

  4. Jack can easily be better than Modric. He isn’t just yet, but he will be if he carries on.

  5. arsenal fans will say wilshere, tottenham fans will say modric. Cant compare the two.

  6. @godoftheblock Stats are not football. Modric is in a different class and even gooners know that.

  7. What a pathetic question to ask. wilshire will never be in the same galaxy as modric 😐

  8. @godoftheblock
    Modric finished the season with the highest pass accuracy in the entire EPL (81% I think). Also Modric would have been directly responsible for 90% of the goals Spurs scored last season even if he didn’t get the assisting pass at the end – the same can’t be said of Wilshere.

  9. @godoftheblock — Wilshere also had strong strikers in front of him. Modric had strikers who out of an 84 goal season, accounted for 17 of them. COMBINED. Modric is head over heals better than Wilshere. Although when Wilshere is 26, he may be better than Modric currently. Time will tell 🙂

  10. Wilshere can only hope to be near as good as Modric one day… and youre probably only comparing them just because he’s English.

  11. 2010/2011 Modric (25 yrs) 4 goals and 5 assists. Wilshere (19 yrs) 2 goals and 9 assists.

  12. Modric is more effective at the moment. Wilshere will be better, give him a couple of years.