24 Replies to “Luis Nani VS Luka Modric”

  1. modric used to be a winger, but now hes a central midfielder. thats why he dont score much, but he still has all his skill

  2. @dsertlu Regardless, it doesnt take away from the fact that Nani is a good player. He does what he is supposed to do. Score goals and create.

  3. @Irfan87 Lol look up who creates the most plays who has the most passes and least interceptions.

  4. Modric – Controls the game

    Nani – Changes the game

    I’m not saying either is better, personally I’d take Modric every day of the week, but I’m a Spurs fan :P.

  5. Nani is better half of modric’s highlights in this video are penalties, lol

  6. Luis Nani VS Luka Modric? get someone who is al least close to Modircs class come on!

  7. @liamobrien06 im pretty sure u can cause Nani was voted the best player in premier by the players themselves

  8. Modric is so far superior to nani its unreal u cant even put nani in as high a league as modders

  9. Modric is a gun. Seeing him at Chelsea (if he goes) might reignite my interest in the club. They lack serious flare at the moment

  10. @ukprince9
    Meaning what, exactly? If it was a compliment, then thank you.

  11. @Deekstercph I enjoyed your usage of the word grotesque; it is a word that should be in the vocabulary of all football fans.

  12. @ukprince9
    Grotesque example.
    Nani was the player with the highest number of assists last year. Scrabble champion? I think not. I too prefer Modric, but get off your high horse.

  13. When some of these comments were written, Modric was much better, but I think some of them need to be updated because Nani is now slightly ahead of Modric as this years stats will tell you. (and also in entertainment value from a personal point of view), However they’l both be wearing the red shirt by the end of the month if the papers are to be believed. but then again, when was the last time the papers could be believed ??

  14. @ukprince9
    And yet Nani has the highest assist rate this season and has scored more goals than Modric. Modric has slightly better creativity, but Nani beats him everywhere else. FACT. Stats dont lie.