25 Replies to “Luka MODRIC 2011 HD -NEW CHELSEA STAR?”

  1. fuck off to chelsea you little cunt,dont want you hanging around spurs with a face like a slapped arse all season.your 3 goals a season and non peformances away from home wont be missed.instead of blaming levy,have a look at your agent agreeing to a deal if a big club came in you could go.guess he meant man utd then,not a small club like chelsea.be funny watching him fail like torres at that circus of a football club.

  2. @yiddoarmy7
    agreed fabregas should go to barce. if your manager cant show his commitment to a club then why should his players? i really hope fabregas goes im tired of that bullshit anyway. modric is class and deserves a shot at the big time. yourll have steven pienaar as his replacement. that guy is very under rated. i would take 30 for modric, i know his worth more but spurs made a huge thing outta this and modric has more then expressed the fact that he wants to leave.so it will be hard

  3. let him go. just like the way harry jumped shipp from portsmouth to spurs and will jump again if he gets the england call. so let modric further his career. if you were the footballer how would you feel? its true that he should be a man and honour his contract but this is football clubs sometimes dont honour the contract so why should players. let him go to chelsea from a gunner!

  4. C’mon Spuds sell him to Chelsea, he needs to move onwards and upwards in his career after all! 😀

  5. @wen000009 LOL he said he wants to join chelsea not man utd, because he and his family are settled in london, so dream on manure fan

  6. He will be in a blue shirt next season everyone knows it. It is a parallel situation with what happened between United and Berbatov. Levy will deny the sale until the last minute just to get the right amount of money. If he was smart he would give an asking price so at least Spurs have a chance to replace their midfield maestro.

  7. well…he explain to Croatian newspaper that he is not happy and Levy(chairman) threated him …so he will leave Tottenham…Welcome to Chelsea! 🙂

  8. although i havent and i obviously will never meet you face to face i feel kinda connect to you, the way you “restage” the world of football is amazing man!

  9. Wheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Chelshit fans getting their hopes up. He aint going (and i dont support tottenham cockspur)

  10. @CharlieJones89 I can envisage a really good central partnership of Fletcher and Modric. I can see a possible route to a deal. I just don’t actually seeing it happening. Spurs are awful to deal with if you want good value

  11. @zepbach1 1 player inthe history of United does not exactly prove me wrong does it? lol

  12. Please do one for Wayne Rooney. He is just starting to be the playmaker at Utd and it´s going great.

  13. to be honest i dont even want him at united, the best players united have ever had are the ones that started at united as nothing, we have a great record of finding players no1 has heard of and turning them into world class talent, i dont think modric will get any better than he is, i think he will do well at chelsea, but not outstanding . . . . he could be just as good as torres (LOL)

  14. add to “e” ‘s to his name please…Mediocre…..injury prone, 3 goals 2 ass. , in 32 app. 66 chances created ( 2 a game)….2,000 passes with a 80% completion rate, not bad….He would make a terrific Bundesliga player!!!… but Not worth 22 mill, in my book