25 Replies to “Luka Modric 2014 ● The Skill Genius ● HD”

  1. ridiculously gifted player, he’ll lob it 50 yards to your sleeping foot,
    rarely misplaces a pass even under pressure, even rarer that he will lose
    possession on a dribble, hardly ever makes a bad decision, he’ll score a
    goal if he feels like blasting a rocket when he happens to be in the area,
    he’ll tackle for you and win ball back!, tracks back and plays the entire
    field, and you can probably list a lot more

    one of the greatest midfielders of all-time

  2. Him and di maria, backbone of Madrid, they get so little credit and they
    perform the best in biggest matches, unlike someone Else that celebrates a
    penalty when the match was already won.

  3. I read the article describing Luka Modric and how his life turned from the
    time when war started in this area.I remember him as a kid helping his
    father working with cattle at their home (Zaton Obrovacki, near Maslenica,
    Zadar, Croatia).They used to be quite decent and nice family and I visited
    them a few times when I went filming the wildlife in the Velebit
    mountains.Once I took some video footage of him and his father (Stipe)
    working with their herd helping me record some scenes directed as planned
    by the scenario to be used for editing a wolf documentary. It was back in
    1990 just awhile before the war destroyed their home.
    The war changed everything and I didn’t have the chance to show this
    archived footage to Stipe nor to Luka for I haven’t seen them from that
    They moved away from the area where I met them and I haven’t seen them ever
    again. I am very glad that he reached something he was only dreaming when
    he was a kid. This is a miracle.
    Thanks for posting this awesome video.

  4. I though 9 min of video were going to be a waste of time, in the end
    watching Luka, 9 min were too short.

  5. Madrid are so lucky they have Modric and bale and KROOS and James. It’s not
    fair. I’m a Barca fan and all our players are shit and are nothing compared
    to Real Madrid’s players. We only have messi and INIESTA and maybe neymar
    who are amazing. The rest are all average players :(

  6. ferguson is a bloody cheapskate……he could have been playing for united
    right about now…but fergie was too fucking cheap to pay 30 million for a
    24 yr old…but was gladly willing to pay 25 mil for a 29 yr old…..old
    bag of bones conveniently screwed united up before he left

  7. Luka Modric is by far the best midfielder out there in the world at the
    moment. He is the backbone of Real Madrid. Just look how much we screwed up
    without him, these past few months. It has been a disaster, mostly because
    of the midfield being so weak. Also Bale needs to go, his mistakes are
    costing us points. Di Maria should have never been sold. Biggest mistake
    ever made. He’s being wasted at united now. Real will never win the CL this
    year, we are too weak and not united as a team anymore. Hopefully Modric
    being back will make us stronger again. He’s by far my favorite player. 

  8. Sjecam se kada je tek dosao u Madrid…Nije se prilagodio iste sekunde ali
    onaj tko zna igrati nogomet zna koliko i takav igrac vrijedi…2 godine
    kasnije daleko najjaci vezni svijeta pa ga cak i izdajice koje su ga
    pljuvale dizu u nebesa,,,Ali netko je i znao koliko vrijedis Luka…HALA

  9. An underrated footballer, many believe he was destined to fail at Real
    Madrid, however he became the engine of the Real Madrid team. 

  10. i hate those fucktards who say that di maria and modric are better than CR7
    this season , i know i’ll get crucified and called a fanboy , but come on
    compare the stats when CR7 weren’t playing and those when di maria or
    modric weren’t playing , yeah we lost or struggled to win in the majority
    of the games when ronaldo weren’t playing , i gotta admit di maria and
    modric did one hell of a season , but so did many players that dont get as
    much credit , i’m talking about carvajal , ramos ,pepe . instead of
    comparing and insulting our players just cheer and enjoy their magic 😉 .

  11. People need to look beyond Ronaldo’s stats and realize that Modric has been
    Real Madrid’s best player this season.

    >He and Isco are the reason Real wasn’t out of the title race by November.
    >He was imperial vs Bayern Munich. Vintage CDM performance from him and
    >Copa Del Rey final as well.
    >PLayed the Alonso role to perfection when Isco came in vs Atleti in the CL

    Yes Ronaldo scores goals, hat tricks when the team is already 2 up but
    without Modric, Real Madrid wouldn’t have won shit this season. 

  12. in this season, after ronaldo injury, modric and di Maria are the best
    players of real Madrid !

  13. I always watch 1 or 2 Luka Modric-videos before match. The message that I
    receive while watching his videos is that Impossible is nothing. Luka’s
    style of play? The gentleman way of playing football. Same class as Zidane,
    Figo and other legends. 

  14. This is pure comedy. I mean… these are serious matches…, but Luka
    makes it so funny… for real… I laugh out loud watching videos about his

  15. It’s funny how little i remember modric doing all these skills it’s like he
    never did them, I dont know if it’s just me or does this happen to anyone
    else? Like i haven’t noticed any of them lol. He’s amazing btw

  16. Truly a world class player!! Quick with his feet, incredible ball control,
    and an amazing eye for seeing long passes and through balls. Not too
    mention he’s able with both feet

  17. Come back already! No one dances like you, or has that beautiful outside
    foot. He makes 4/5 defenders look drunk on the field…. #HalaMadrid #lukita

    Luka Modric 2014 ● The Skill Genius ● HD: http://youtu.be/jYYlndeUpAI

  18. Love how Madrid fans hated him when he first arrived to the club and now
    they’re saying “Omg Modric is Madrid’s backbone, best CM in the world!”.
    Retarded fans don’t know anything about football lmao.