25 Replies to “Luka Modric | Chelsea’s New Star? 2011 | HD”

  1. its not levys fault modric agent agreed to a stupid contract that if a big club comes in for him he can go.big club,that means man utd,barcelona real madrid,not you chelsea. dont want to see him in a spurs shirt again anyway.fuck off to chelsea and become another torres ha ha.

  2. @littlebigbrain It’s not in the goals..He is creative midfielder with great vision..and he is leading the midfield..he is a playmaker…something like xavi(i don’t want to say that he is better than xavi),and he had 89% of made passes last season…he was in 2nd place in premier league

  3. @MansourMessi Pele is/was/and always will be the best ever. over 1,000 goals in all competative matches.

  4. @sickwitit003 Genaro 75 goals in 178 games in the crap Spanish League where two teams have dominated for the last 40 years to the point where all but 3 or 4 teams are any good.

  5. @markg541 Actually Chelsea have spent over £600,000,000 since they became Chelski.

  6. @croatinhoHow many goals did he score and where was he against the minnows. Tottenham’s best player was G Bale and that by a mile. The fact that many Tottenham fans failed to see that is their problem. I was able to see the 1960’s Spurs side and the the one in the 1980’s and both those teams were better than this current team. We just do not have the strikers and the new season is almost upon us and we still have a forward line that is second rate. Spurs’ new striker – a 16 year old. Crap.

  7. Dear Daniel Levy! If you as much as think about selling Modric to Chelsea, i swear to god i will attack you with a fucking Pitchfork! And then sell your organs to a Chelsea-fan!

  8. @littlebigbrain He was voted the best Tottenham player at the end of this season by Tottenham fans…So how is his fault?

  9. Modric had a poor season 2010-11 and was one of the main reasons spurs lost the 7 points they needed to qualify for the Champions League for next season.

  10. Makes me laugh…..plastic Chelsea fans getting more excited about the money you spend than the shit football you play, I’ve got more money than my neighbour….doesn’t mean he’d let me F#ck his daughter, stick your money up your Russian sugar daddy’s arse….Modric stays, seeya xx

  11. BREAKING NEWS – Chelsea are no longer interested in signing Luka Modric John Terry could not Agree Terms with his Wife .

  12. @MsMe1001
    Go fuck yourself 300 Million and you still not won A CL please.
    Luka is not far SALE jesus!!!.

  13. @crany09 thats price range sounds right but dont think granero would do well in the prem

  14. I’m a chelsea fan and of course i want him at Stamford Bridge and i think that Tottenham should stop being so hard on Modric as he Bale nad VDV helped them so much in the CL.So they should sell Modric for £35-40 million and buy a suitanle replacement e.g. Esteban Granero from Real MAdrid for about £10-12 million and have lots of monet left to splash on new strikers for instance.

  15. all chelsea fans can smd you guys want us to sell one of the best attacking midfielders in the prem for 27m euros your crazy, and how are we causing players prices to rise if you guys spend 50m on torres gtfo. COYS!!!!!!!

  16. Alright Guys i’ve made a video on my channel talking about Luka Modric ‘hopeful’ move to Chelsea. I think all football fans find are interested by the story so i made a a video so please take a look and lets have a discussion.

  17. @ufinu89 hang on….its our fault the price of every player is going up??? Didn’t you just spend 50 million on Torres? Now look!

  18. @CFCcoolandbreezy roman always gets what he wants does he bollocks,HES BEEN TRYING TO BUY THE

  19. you greedy fucking spurs..Modric is an absolute top player, but you are crazy fuckin beasts if you want 40 millions for him!! is also cause of you that the market is going crazy with ridicoulous prices for every fucking player!

  20. @daftjunk2008 He’s a wanker for lying, he said for no money but you know he’s leaving! And he’s a yid so that makes him a cunt! C’mon the Chelsea!

  21. @KillaBilz yeh what a wanker. looking out for his club by either retaining their best player, or extracting the most money possible for him if he does unfortunately leave, all while making it more difficult for the dominant teams in the premier league to walk all over the others. what a cunt he is.