22 Replies to “Luka Modric Goal vs Bolton | 02/05/12”

  1. I remember watching this at my homeboys house–It blew my mind…wish he would stay at the Lane. Luka you got a fan in Brooklyn!

  2. This goal is incredible, and is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of his ability, I really hope we keep him in the summer. COYS!

  3. this is recorded off the TV and is still better quality than some videos of this that ive seen :)

  4. Modrić and Jelavić ,two crazy Croatian ,amazing goal ,wish for Luka to go manchester united and play like scholes did

  5. Crouch vs stoke?… Think you mean vs man city, considering crouch plays for stoke lol

  6. Cisse v Chelsea
    Suarez v Norwich
    Crouch v Stoke
    Modric v Bolton
    Top 4 PL goals 2011/2012