23 Replies to “Luka Modric on his goals for the season”

  1. Calling All UTD fans!!!
    Facebook page: We want Modric
    LIKE iT an Spread Out tHe wORd !!

  2. Luka Modric is one of the most skilled players in Football. Nothing fancy, holds the ball, dribbles it up, makes a mad PASS!!! Can’t get the ball off HIM!!!

  3. haha fair. bale’s just signed a new contract so you’re not getting him either!

  4. ahh well at least city didnt get it, gotta get rid of carrick though he is wank

  5. i hope tottenham dont get 4th so this guy can join united and tottenham can have carrick back.

  6. Modric is a quality player. He’s got brilliant vision and really pulls the strings for us Spurs! Luka=class player!

  7. Co-sign. Size doesnt matter!!! Not for this amazing player though..

  8. Very good performance tonight against Wigan. Plus he score dthe funniest goal I’ve ever seen

  9. He is not a bullshit player, he is class, he will settle in and be a key player. Year after year he has played such good football and torn apart the midfield of Ajax, Werder Bremen, and dont forget England… Players like that dont just forget how to play. He will show his stuff under ‘Arry

  10. Modric seems to be just starting to show the promise that was shown in euro 2008. He is going to play even better under redknapp.

  11. ure a idiot u wont be saying that wen he settles in to totenham .