24 Replies to “Luka Modric | Technical Genius”

  1. modric i kovacic rakitic vs xavi i iniesta xabi alonso………brasil 2014…..this time will be no mistakes from judges….thank you platini

  2. Haha that is CROATIA 100 times better than this fucking fish özil you all will see luka will be the croatian legend (like maradona)

  3. What a player a damn shame it had to end this way at Tottenham

  4. sta je sad picko gdje otiso modric???vidim koliko imas pojma od nogometu,jesi ikad puco loptu na gol ili ti znas samo nogomet preko tv???

  5. When Luka was littlle child,he came in my favourit club-HAJDUK SPLIT and trainers said him,you are thin and there isn’t hope for you,also they said for Zvone Boban…ooohhh God WHAT MISTAKE!!!WHAT MISTAKE!!!

  6. you are gonna burn in hell this season Real Madrid
    -“Linonel Messi”

  7. Luka, Bog ti dao zdravlja i srece.
    Znanje i muda vec imas. <3

    Luka, God may give you health and luck.
    You already have knowledge and "cojones".

  8. Because we FUCKED them 1-2 in their home in the biggest game of the season and we were Champions of la liga 2012…Just fucking face it

  9. this dude and ozil will be like ron wesley and harry potter 🙂

  10. He has something from Zidane: he is not that quick, not the best dribbling but he feels the game and is really accurate… He has soemething very esthetic that C Ronaldo or L Messi have not!

  11. lol u r drunk
    remember 100 points – 91 points?
    not to mention the goals.

  12. exept barcelona who is alot better than real, Just fucking face it, Give me ur best shot why u think that real is better than barcelona ( Referees is not allowed as an answer)