Real Madrid overcame Villareal with a score of 4-2 and while the Croatian midfielder Luka Modric was not able to score any of the goals for his team, his performance was so impressive that he has received praise from the same fans that questioned his arrival to the Spanish capital.

Modric aroused attention from clubs all around the world back when he was playing in Tottenham as he and Gareth Bale created the backbone for the Premier League team during the season when they played together in the English club.

Despite making a superb a season with Tottenham, when he made his move to Real Madrid, eyebrows were raised as not everyone was confident that the Croatian could do the same in Spain with Real Madrid.

Mesut Ozil made a rather shocking departure from Real Madrid to Arsenal as he was the scapegoat that had to be sacrificed in order for Modric to cement his place in the midfield of Real Madrid and even though he did not make an immediate impact with his new club, he finally is receiving praise from the fans of the club.

Modric’s performance against Villareal received recognition from just around everyone in the stadium as he was all over the pitch helping out his teammates and Modric stated that is great hearing his name being shouted at the Bernabeu and he is happy about the support he has been receiving.

“The victory is very important because we faced a very difficult opponent these are three very important points. It’s great that the Bernabeu shouted my name. I am very grateful. I’m at a good moment, as is the team. That’s what matters. I’m very proud and I thank the fans.” Modric stated.