25 Replies to “Luka Modrić – Chelsea FC new player ?”

  1. well i f modric goes to chelsea i would put the midfields modric attacking midfield essien center malouda left and lampard right

  2. modric is a great teamplayer i think that is what chelsea really need in midfield, nasri costs also 20-30 mill pounds,and its really hard to say who is better because they dont play the same position…

  3. @GreenTurtleCBJ Stockport? Nice attempt at a joke…but seriously, glad your rich club found a manager, hope he dosen’t relegate you guys. Good luck next season, and try to stay out of club financial debt.

  4. @B3ASTRIder because i think if nasri is available then why not go for him because he is better then modric and cheaper

  5. @TheSLOrs are you fucking serious lad. he is worth absolutely no more than 27million. spurs and their fans are fucked in the head. he scored 4 goals and made 2 assists, and hes worth 50-55 million? what the fuck are you on?
    theres talk of cesc leaving for 35, what would harry value him at if he was at spurs? redkanpp is the type of manager thats driving up prices

  6. well…Modric explained to Croatian newspaper that he is not happy at Spurs…so i would see him at Chelsea

  7. just imagine dis guy in chelsea midfield with pastore and ramires (a super-sub:lampard,mikel,essien and lucas piazon)…………it wud be deadly and can also bring the perfect ginger 2 our attack..WATCH OUT BARCELONA…VILLAS BOAS IS READY TO OVERTAKE U GUYS..lol

  8. @F4CKITT I hope he doesn’t go to chelsea 2
    chelsea sucks and it will only ruin him
    he should go to man utd or city…or just stay at tottenham

  9. lol chelsea send a contractjust for 22 milions? kerry redknap just laughing them!
    i think he is worthless about 50-55mils? or more..
    nice try <3

  10. Let the mouse hit the mute
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  11. Modric will be a Chelsea player. there is absolutely nothing Levy can do to stop it.

    Once a player announces he want to leave, that’s it!!!!!!!!!!

  12. @BipolarNerd My team’s owner is rich, but our spending limit is very limited unlike yours who just goes and buys however he pleases at any high price he can for players. Besides we don’t need to buy class players, we make them along with the great manager we have.

  13. @felixblogger Guess what whoever owns the team you support is also rich as shit. Not billionaire rich but rich none the less

  14. @felixblogger Is that your only argument? It has absolutely nothing to do with anything…he doesn’t think he is a manager but seeing on how it’s his money he has every right to spend it on anyone he wants you retarded cunt