Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid are likely not to have third transfer deal in recent times as per reports in Europe. The reports claim the Spanish giants are set to cool off their pursuit of forward Harry Kane.

The North London side sold Gareth Bale to Madrid in 2013, after selling midfield maestros Luka Modric a year earlier. Both players have gone on to be stars in the La Liga setup. Spurs hoped to deal with Madrid in that same manner when Kane opted to exit the team.

With the club in debt due to their stadium move, which costs over a billion pounds, and with the post Covid-19 simulations, a big money move from an outsider was preferable to the board.

Manchester United have always been keen on Kane, especially with his big goalscoring numbers. However, Daniel Levy is not too keen on selling his star player to his rivals – not one that could further dent their Big Four hopes, considering the number of top players. Spurs sold Dimitar Berbatov to the Red Devils in 2009 and the ill-feeling then plus for competition sake now would make the switch to United less likely.

Madrid could do with a consistent scorer like Kane, but their sights seem set on KylianMbappe, with Coach Zinedine Zidane still keen on Paul Pogba. Spurs would now need to turn to a ‘rich’ side that can afford Kane while they hope to use the earned resources to boost their squad that places eighth on the log.

Kane recently said if he feels the team is not progressing as a team or going in the right direction he would leave, refusing to confirm he would remain at the club. With fewer options, Spurs might be forced to sell to United or sell at a discount.